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Sometimes, you just want to hand a bottle back and forth with someone, with the lights low, feet brushing against each other, as you sit on the floor. You want to read paragraphs aloud from philosophy books, and smile. You want to kiss their neck, just behind their ear….


Nothing on TV: static + test pattern.

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The world is full of amazing children. Sometimes, we just have to take a moment to recognize one. Today, that child is is Ashol-Pan, a 13-year-old Mongolian girl who carries on her culture’s tradition of hunting with a golden eagle. She may just be the only girl on the planet with this very unique skill.

Check out photographer Asher Svidensky’s jaw-dropping images of her on BBC News Magazine: http://uni.cf/1mcT252     

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Godfrey Gao for Nanyou Magazine (x)

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A large gold leaf based ‪#‎painting‬ finished  ’Wild Teardrops from ‪#‎Heaven‬’, acrylic, ‪#‎pencil‬ and ‪#‎gold‬, variegated and black leaf on ‪#‎canvas‬, 150x100x4cm (2014) by Louise McNaught

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